About Us

PHC of Missouri, LLC was formed in 2009 to develop a chain of 100+ pawn shops. Our focus was to expand on the retail side of the business turning a typical small dirty pawn business into a retail business with a "big box" feel.

In may of 2009 we acquired Loftis Jewelry and Pawnbrokers in Springfield Missouri. A 12,000 square foot facility with over $2.5 million in sales and stable management fit perfectly into our vision of the future of the pawn industry. Estimated to be the largest single pawn store in Springfield, MO, Loftis is a three generation family business. The company is a premium retailer and pawner of quality items such as jewelry, guns and hard goods.

"Working with Eddie Scoggins and the Powell's has been an absolute pleasure. There were no surprises and because of their experience in pawn, they knew what they were doing and caused little disruption in my store. I highly recommend that if you are thinking about selling your pawn shop, you contact these guys first."
- Doin Loftis, Founder of Loftis Pawn and former President of the National Pawnbrokers Association
In November of 2009 PHC acquired all four Dan’s Discount Jewelry and Pawn stores located in Lexington KY, Winchester, KY and Georgetown, KY.

Dan’s Discount Jewelry and Pawn has operated in Kentucky since 1993. These stores employ over fifty highly trained sales people and pawnbrokers and are located in desirable retail locations. These well run and profitable stores are the largest in the Lexington area and will provide a strong foundation for future growth in this geographic area.

"The sale of my four stores went surprisingly smoothly. Eddie and his team were very professional and knowledgeable and we got through the sales process painlessly and quickly. I would recommend PHC to anyone who is looking to sell their pawn business.” 
    - Dan Merryman, Owner of
Dan’s Discount Jewelry and Pawn



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